Our Services

Professionally prepared Certified appraisals:
  • All appraisals are conducted in person
  • All appraisals are typed written and include photos.
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • All vehicles are valued using a industry standard grading system.
  • All appraisals are prepared and mailed or emailed in a timely manner.
  • In most cases the appraisal is completed and delivered within one or two days.
AppraiZerJack appraisals are accepted by ALL Major insurance companies and specialty vehicle insurance companies.

AppraiZerJack appraisals can be used for Courts of Law,
Value disputes, Expert Witness, Estate, Divorce, Financial and Bank interests and IRS donations.

AppraiZerJack offers Pre-Purchase inspections, expert inspection of vehicles for sale. With the wide array of Internet offerings of classic and collectible vehicles having a professional look it over gives you piece of mind on your future purchase.

AppraiZerJack offers Pre-Accident inspections, in the event your Vehicle is totaled and there is a dispute, We can help determine the value “30 Seconds” before the accident, All Pre-Accident appraisals include professional arbitration.

AppraiZerJack provides representation for sellers at auctions, onsite service to display, answer questions, keep potential buyers interested, keep the vehicle secured, and wiped down. Presentable throughout the auction time. Buyer services at auctions also available.

AppraiZerJack provides appraisals for all major insurance companies claims dept.

AppraiZerJack can help establish the value of a stolen vehicle.
Meet Jack

Jack Methner is proud to be a classic car Appraiser, I have been appraising cars since 2003. Since then I have appraised several hundred vehicles.

I started my appraisal career with I-van (international Vehicle Appraisers Network) in 2003, and after joining I attended several courses, How to Appraise cars, Diminished Value and Lemon Law and became certified through the process. I have also completed I-CAR courses.

I have been an independent appraiser since 2005.
I attend both national and local car shows, auctions and enjoy the venues and fellow hotrodders. I'm a hobbyist, I do not buy, sell, build cars for employment, therefore eliminating any potential or actual conflict of interest in providing appraisals.